Culinary Foundations  


Knife Care Superior knife skills are at the core of any chef’s success; learn proper knife selection, sharpening, sanitation and safety

Vegetable Cuts – Learn all the classical knife cuts including julienne, battonet, brunoise and more; make your vegetables look better, cook more evenly and have greater nutrient retention

Fundamental Techniques Prepare meals using  techniques such as: sauté, pan and deep frying, grilling, broiling, shallow and deep poaching, stewing, braising, stocks, sauces and steamings

Intensifying Flavors – Study the principles of deglazing, caramelizing, and other approaches to building flavors

Reinforce Course MaterialPrepare a variety of dishes in teams


This course will provide the student with an overview of fundamental cooking methods and theories through lectures, discussions, and demonstration and production exercises. An emphasis will be placed on the selection of appropriate ingredients, equipment and techniques. Products will be compared, evaluated and critiqued to demonstrate cooking techniques that are most appropriated to specific applications.  In addition, food safety procedures and cutting skills will be reinforced. This program is divided into four major topics: dry heat cooking with fats and oils; dry heat cooking without fats and oils; combination cooking methods and moist heat cooking methods.

All training will be eligible for continuing educational hours (CEH’s) from the American Culinary Federation

Each Day will have:

·         1 hour of lecture / discussion

·         1 hour of Chef demonstrations

·         5 hours of hands on training to include a critique of students' daily work

·         Work-books & PowerPoint will be provided for each student in this training program

·         Ingredients and equipment to be provided by location