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Step 1: Culinary Principles and Foundation Skills: Pre-Work and Preparation

5-Day Program: 35 CEH's

Course Description: This course will prepare the chef candidates on cooking methods, ACF Market Basket ingredient requirements, butchery/fabrication skills, classical sauces, and knife skills. Followed by what can be expected during the exam through theories, lectures, discussions, demonstrations and production exercises.  

Course Objective: Chef candidates will fully understand the ACF Candidates Handbook and what is expected of them during the Practical Exam, to include a completed menu with recipes, production time-line, equipment lists, and photographs of each dish on their menu.

5-Day Hands-On Work Shop: Each morning starts off with an ACF Practical Exam Presentation that is specific with the topics of the day, followed by daily skill sets a hands on production of each of the course requirements. By the end of the five days the chefs will be doing a full menu run through time trials based on the ACF Practical Exam requirements.

Each chef student will have:

  • Workbooks will be provided for each student for this training program.

  • To include power-points and the recipes used during class

Step 2: Distant Learning Class

8-Week Program

Description: This program will prepare the Chef’s for the ACF Practical Exam, using an 8 week distant learning element self-study checklist.

Expectations and Goals: To prepare the Chef’s for the ACF Certification Practical Exam, coaching them on proper culinary techniques, execution, and practical applications. Our Goal is to make the chef’s as comfortable as possible so that they will be able to cook to their highest level, without being nervous throughout the testing process.

Step 3: Hands-On Workshop: Practical Exam Test Week

5-Day Program: 35 CEH's

Description: In preparation for the ACF Exam Chef Jud will Coach the Chef Candidates on full menu time trials and real world exam scenarios.

Chef Candidates Team Practices:

  • Review of the ACF Certification Practical Exam Rules

  • Full Menu Time Trials and Critiques From Chef Jud

Test Day: Each chef will prepare their menus based on the changes that they and Chef Flynn have discussed. Using the same time schedule that we have practiced with all week. Three ACF Evaluators will administer the Certification Test. The Chefs will be notified after the test is completed whether they passed of failed the exam.