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Step 1: Culinary Principles and Foundation Skills: Pre-Work and Preparation

5-Day Program: 35 CEH's

Course Description: This course will provide the Chef with an overview of fundamental cooking methods and theories through lectures, discussions, demonstrations and production exercises. An emphasis will be placed on the selection of appropriate ingredients, equipment and techniques. Products will be compared, evaluated and critiqued to demonstrate cooking techniques that are most appropriated to specific applications.  In addition, food safety procedures and cutting skills will be reinforced.

Pre and Post Test: Given to evaluate previous knowledge and knowledge gained during the training course.

  • Chef’s skill sets will be evaluated on a daily basis, and measured against the current industry standards.

  • Individual critiques will be given to each chef at the end of each day.

  • Chef Flynn will meet with each individual Chef to discuss a skills list to work on at their home units.

Coaching Techniques: The Chef Coaches at On-Site Culinary Training LLC pride themselves on using the coaching technique to correct the following areas:

  • Communication Skills

  • Culinary Techniques and Composition

  • Time-Management skills

  • Sanitation and safety

  • How well the food is cooked (food doneness)

  • Seasoning and Flavor balance

How is this achieved?

During the 8-10 hour hands-on-production portion of the day our chef coaches are able to interact with each cook on an individual basis.  This one-on-one interaction allows them to not only get to know each cook but also observe their skills in action.  If a certain area needs correction it is done on the spot with the chef coaches able to demonstrate the correct technique. The cooks are then able to practice the technique multiple times during the hands-on-production allowing the new technique to become a new habit for the cook. The chef coaches are able to walk around to the different work spaces multiple times to observe each cook during each stage of the cooking process.

Each chef student will have:

  • Workbooks will be provided for each student for this training program.

  • To include power-points and the recipes used during class

Step 2: Distant Learning Class

8-Week Program

The Starting Point: A quick description from the chef candidates Assoc. Director describing why the Chef is ready to take part in the program. Chef candidates must submit a “letter of interest” describing why they would like to take part in the ACF Certification Exam.

Description: This program will prepare the Chef’s for the ACF Practical Exam, using an 8 week distant learning element self-study checklist.

  • Chefs must complete their weekly assignment on or before the scheduled dates. Missing 2 or more will result in disciplinary action.
  • Introduction to the expectations needed to be efficient and organize each course.
  • Interactive preparation between OSC and candidates
  • Weekly review of menu’s, production timelines, recipe R&D and Photo’s
  • Additional review for written exam, answering questions and giving feedback
  • Develop a mise en place and production time table
  • Equipment needs list and station setup diagram
  • Critique Photo’s from the candidates
  • Video’s/Pictures displaying the assembly of the “trays for each course”

Mentors: To instill success in the Culinary Program, each Chef candidate will be assigned a “Chef Mentor” A Certified Executive Chef Graduate of the Program

  • Chef Mentor’s will be working with each Chef Candidate, reviewing their menus, timelines, plate presentations and recipes. Followed up with a critique of their work.
  • Chef candidates must implement the ideas the Mentors, or disciplinary action may result.

Week 5 Skill Evaluations: Each assigned mentor will evaluate the Chefs skill level and abilities, using the following criteria.

  • Good-Basic Culinary Foundation
  • Culinary Skills and Techniques
  • Attention to details, meeting time-lines

Certification Levels: Chef Flynn and Mentoring Chefs will decide which ACF Certification level the candidates are best prepared for.

  • Chef candidates will approved for the ACF Certification Level based on their abilities

Expectations and Goals: To prepare the Chef’s for the ACF Certification Practical Exam, coaching them on proper culinary techniques, execution, and practical applications. Our Goal is to make the chef’s as comfortable as possible so that they will be able to cook to their highest level, without being nervous throughout the testing process.

Step 3: Hands-On Workshop: Practical Exam Test Week

Description: Chef Jud Flynn will Coach the Chef Candidates at TBA University with In-kitchen lab practices and practical exam:

Class room Power-Point Review of Course Material

  • Kitchen set-ups, Choose Kitchen #’s and starting times
  • Daily Coaching with Candidates, Critiques and problem solving, and refining culinary skills
  • Practice runs of practical exam “Three total Run-Thru’s"

Day One: Advanced Cooking Principles Power Point and Lecture from Chef Flynn. Included Video Segment with Past CEC Exam Chef’s.  Followed up with hands on demo from Chef Flynn.

Day Two: Full Menu Run Thru, time trials. re-designing and tweaking flavors and components. Critiques will be given to each chef after their plate-up is concluded. Clean up and prep will begin for day 3.

Day Three: Full Menu Run Thru, time trials. re-designing and tweaking flavors and components. Critiques will be given to each chef after their plate-up is concluded. Clean up and prep will begin for day 4.

Day Four: Full Menu Run Thru, time trials. re-designing and tweaking flavors and components. Critiques will be given to each chef after their plate-up is concluded. Clean up and prep will begin for day 5.

Step 4: ACF Certification Exam

Day Five: Test Day. Each chef will prepare their menus based on the changes that they and Chef Flynn have discussed during the past four days. Using the same time schedule that we have practiced with all week. Three ACF Evaluators will administer the Certification Test. The Chefs will be notified after the test is completed whether they passed of failed the exam.