Blacksburg Cooking-Classes

Cooking at home is the new going out

It’s more than just dinner, it’s a dining experience. In the On-Site Culinary Solutions Test Kitchen in Blacksburg, Virginia, Chef Jud will teach you how to prep, plate, and pair recipes that wow guests! Now offering 7 classes that feature restaurant inspired dishes designed to cook at home, you’ll learn how to build elevated courses, from appetizer to dessert, using everyday ingredients.

COURSE Description:

Cooking methods and classical technique is the backbone of a great culinary foundation. Chef Jud will demonstrate and teach you these essential techniques for preparing vegetables, meats, stocks, sauces as well as baking and pastry.

Class Details:

  • Class size: 1-3 students

  • All ingredients, recipes, & cooking equipment will be provided

  • $90 per class or all 7 for $550

Class 1: Baking and Pastry


Baking and Pastry:

Preparation Methods:

Pie dough 1-2-3 and Pâte Sucrée, tartlets b

lind baking techniques , pastry filling: Pastry creams and mousses f

inishing, garnishing, and plating techniques

Class 2: Holiday Baking

Blacksburg Holiday .jpg

We will be making a variety of tarts, pies and holiday cookies

Class 3: Cakes, Gateau’s, and Chocolate Mousses

Blacksburg cakes.jpg

Devil’s Chocolate Cake, Carrot Cakes, Chocolate Mocha Mousse and much more!

Class 4: Cooking Duck Like a Fine Restaurant

  • Duck fabrication and how to work with each muscle

  • Accompaniments including: preparation of vegetables, starch, and sauce making techniques

    Pan searing and other cooking techniques for duck

  • Plating like a fine restaurant

  • Garnishing techniques

Valentines Dinner Menu at the Chef’s Table

Screen Shot 2019-01-24 at 10.14.36 AM.png

Four-Course Menu

Chef Jud will prepare a gourmet dinner right in front of you and your guests!

Reservations only

Class 6: Global Street Foods

Blacksburg Global Stree.jpg

We will begin our journey making a world tour of popular street foods.

Vietnamese spring rolls, Thai Chicken Satay, and South American Empanadas.

Class 7: Learn the Art of Sausage Making and Smoking Techniques

Blacksburg Sausage.jpg

You will learn how to butcher, season, grind, stuff and smoke a variety of Sausages from the world, like Polish Kielbasa, Andouille, and Italian.

Class 8: Mastering Fish

Blacksburg Filleting-fish.jpg

Breaking down and filleting a whole fish to create an upscale appetizer and entrée.

Class 9: Filet Wellington- Meat, Stocks, and Sauces

Filet Wellington.jpg

We will be making the classic Filet Wellington topped with Duxelle Mushrooms, Goose-Liver and wrapped in Puffed Pastry.

Stocks and sauces from bones to include thickening and finishing techniques.

Class 10: Steak and “Butter-Poached Lobster”

blacksburg butter-poached-lobster.jpg

We will be creating an upscale “Steak and Lobster” Dinner with Butter Poached whole Maine Lobster and Filet Mignon entrée.

Class 11: Soups; Chowders and Bisques “Corn and Crab Chowder”

Blacksburg Chowders.jpeg

We will be working with Cream Soups, Clear-Broths, thickening and seasoning techniques.

Corn, Clam, and Italian Chowders

Class 12: Curries of the World

Blacksburg Currry.jpg

A Tour of Asian Curries from India, Thailand, and Vietnam. Naan Bread, Chutney, and Jasmine rice dishes.

Class 13: Cooking Lamb Like a Fine Restaurant

Blacksburg Lamb.jpg

You will learn how to fabricate and French the Bones on a Rack of Lamb and to be able to create an Upscale Restaurant Dish complete with accompanied side dishes and sauce!

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