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Cooking at home is the new going out

It’s more than just dinner, it’s a dining experience. In the On-Site Culinary Solutions Test Kitchen in Blacksburg, Virginia, Chef Jud will teach you how to prep, plate, and pair recipes that wow guests! Now offering 7 classes that feature restaurant inspired dishes designed to cook at home, you’ll learn how to build elevated courses, from appetizer to dessert, using everyday ingredients.

COURSE Description:

Cooking methods and classical technique is the backbone of a great culinary foundation. Chef Jud will demonstrate and teach you these essential techniques for preparing vegetables, meats, stocks, sauces as well as baking and pastry.

Class Details:

  • Class size: 1-3 students

  • All ingredients, recipes, & cooking equipment will be provided

  • $90 per class

  • $600 for 7 classes

  • email to schedule your first class jud@onsiteculinary.com

Class 1: Baking and Pastry 4-Classes in the Series


Series 1:

Pie dough 1-2-3, tartlets b

lind baking techniques , pastry cream and f

inishing techniques

Series 2: Boston Cream, Coconut, and Banana Cream Pies

Series 3: Pies, Apple, Fruit Cobblers, and Lemon Blueberry

Series 4: Eclairs, Profiteroles, and Pate Choux Techniques

Class 2: Holiday Baking

Blacksburg Holiday .jpg

We will be making a variety of holiday cookies, Peanut Brittle and Italian Pizzelles

Class 3: Cakes and Ice Creams and Advanced Skills 7-Classes in the Series

Blacksburg cakes.jpg

Series 1: Chocolate Cake and Mousses

Series 2: White Cakes, Chantilly Cream and Buttercream Icings

Series 3: NY Cheesecakes, Swirled and infused

Series 4: Carrot Cake, and Applesauce Cake

Series 5: Ice Cream Making, Chunky Monkey, Tuile Cookies and Caramel Sauce

Series 6: Advanced Class 1 Individual Cold Desserts with Piping skills, macerated fruits, and Tempered Chocolate

Series 7: Advanced Class 2 Individual Hot Desserts with Ice cream

Class 4: Cooking Duck Like a Fine Restaurant

  • Duck fabrication and how to work with each muscle

  • Accompaniments including: preparation of vegetables, starch, and sauce making techniques

    Pan searing and other cooking techniques for duck

  • Plating like a fine restaurant

  • Garnishing techniques

Private Dinners at the Chef’s Table up to 6-people


3-Course Meals start at $50

5-Course Meals start at $75

Wine Pairing Dinners

Corporate Dinners

Call for Reservations: (540) 818-9015

Class 6: Global Street Foods

Blacksburg Global Stree.jpg

We will begin our journey making a world tour of popular street foods.

Vietnamese spring rolls, Thai Chicken Satay, and South American Empanadas.

Class 7: Learn the Art of Sausage Making and Smoking Techniques

Blacksburg Sausage.jpg

You will learn how to butcher, season, grind, stuff and smoke a variety of Sausages from the world, like Polish Kielbasa, Andouille, and Italian.

Class 8: Learn the Art of Sushi Making Techniques

Class 9 Pasta Making Workshop

Blacksburg Pasta 6.jpg

We will study the Italian Ingredients, then the pasta making techniques. We will make a variety of pastas and fillings to include Ravioli, Tortellini, Fettuccine and we will eat a few finished dishes

Class 10: Mastering Fish

Blacksburg Filleting-fish.jpg

Breaking down and filleting a whole fish to create an upscale appetizer and entrée.

Class 11: Filet Wellington- Meat, Stocks, and Sauces

Filet Wellington.jpg

We will be making the classic Filet Wellington topped with Duxelle Mushrooms, Goose-Liver and wrapped in Puffed Pastry.

Stocks and sauces from bones to include thickening and finishing techniques.

Class 12: Steak and “Butter-Poached Lobster”

blacksburg butter-poached-lobster.jpg

We will be creating an upscale “Steak and Lobster” Dinner with Butter Poached whole Maine Lobster and Filet Mignon entrée.

Class 13: Soups; Chowders and Bisques “Corn and Crab Chowder”

Blacksburg Chowders.jpeg

We will be working with Cream Soups, Clear-Broths, thickening and seasoning techniques.

Corn, Clam, and Italian Chowders

Class 14: Curries of the World

Blacksburg Currry.jpg

A Tour of Asian Curries from India, Thailand, and Vietnam. Naan Bread, Chutney, and Jasmine rice dishes.

Class 15: Cooking Lamb Like a Fine Restaurant

Blacksburg Lamb.jpg

You will learn how to fabricate and French the Bones on a Rack of Lamb and to be able to create an Upscale Restaurant Dish complete with accompanied side dishes and sauce!

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Blacksburg Sushi 4.jpeg

First you will learn about the Japanese tradition, and the ingredients used for Sushi.

We will be making Maki, Nigiri, Sashimi, and Pickled Vegetables.

Vegetarian options will be available upon request