Culinary Evaluation Process Standards and Industry Business Practices

Higher education dining programs have grown considerably in complexity over the last decade due to many factors, but primarily because of the increased expectations of its key end users—well informed and traveled students.  As industry professionals, whether we can admit it or not, the enormous level of growth and interest in food, nutrition and “dining out” has far out-distanced the management and culinary capabilities of most college and university dining operators causing a significant gap in performance.

To combat this performance gap, On-Site Culinary Solutions has developed a timely and unique process that helps college and university dining programs surface all of their culinary based operational issues. The process, which On-Site Culinary Solutions calls its’ Comprehensive Evaluation, solves for the fundamental operational problems experienced by most colleges and universities through a unique “hands on” training and follow through commitment.  

Not only does On-Site Culinary Solutions deliver effective solutions for improving and enhancing your culinary operations, they work with your leadership teams to culturally embed those teachings into your organization and program—creating a cultural foundation that drives on-going commitment to quality, effective leadership and program stability.  

On-Site Culinary Solutions specializes in improving the lives of your operating teams at all levels, increasing their management capabilities while instilling in them the highest level of culinary standards for college and university dining service programs. Through their methodology, On-Site Culinary Solutions is able to prepare your people to directly contribute to business outcomes and the overall success of your program.

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Professional standards and industry Business practices

On-Site Culinary Solution’s Culinary Program Evaluation process is based upon a newly established set of standards that they call the Professional Standards and Industry Business Practices Manual for College and University Dining Programs.  This manual, utilizes standards set by NACUFS, the American Culinary Federation, the National Restaurant Association, the National Sanitation Foundation and other leading oversight organizations while also taking into account the ever-changing landscape of college and university dining programs.  On-Site Culinary Solution’s Culinary Program Evaluation process solely focuses on the backbone of your operation—the kitchen and the culinary skills and capabilities of your people—working with them to implement and establish a new industry standard for excellence in food and operations management.  

So great is the need that we believe that our Culinary Program Evaluation process will help to re-define the profession of college and university food services today and well into the future.

Culinary Program Evaluation:

With this program the objective will be to Evaluate, Clarify, Report, Train and Implement the Top Six Industry Practices most critical to your success. Providing you with the assurance of professionalism, knowledge and skills while unlocking creativity as a result of the pursuit of constant improvement.

This process will ground your team in fundamentals core to your business that will establish a foundation for greater performance.  Critical elements will include:

  • Program Culture and Development

  • Brand Quality and Development

  • Training and Coaching

  • Culinary Planning and Production

  • Risk Management and Food Safety

  • Operations Management and Control

This program is designed for the team needing to re-calibrate its focus and bring all members to the same level of culinary understanding.  It begins with a strong, survey or self-assessment that details specific areas of need allowing On-Site Culinary Solutions to create a highly customized training plan delivered with a “hands on” approach that makes the training “stick” becoming part of your daily pattern of management.

On-Site Culinary Solutions works to isolate and remedy major culinary and other operational issues, setting the corrective path that places senior leadership in control and allows you to drive culinary commitment and achievement throughout the organization.

Process includes regular “check-ins” between On-Site Culinary and your team ensuring that your people never loses the support of the resources that help individual culinarians and your program succeed.

How does it work?

The Process works by The On-Site Culinary Solutions Team imbedding themselves into the dining facility and working hands-on alongside the culinary staff on a daily basis. While evaluating the top Industry Professional Best Practices and Culinary Capabilities, the team will also start training the culinary staff on the industry benchmark standards.

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