Culinary FOUndations  

Introduction to Culinary Foundations:

This course will provide the culinarians with an overview of fundamental cooking methods and theories through lectures, discussions, demonstration and production exercises. An emphasis will be placed on the selection of appropriate ingredients, equipment and techniques. Products will be compared, evaluated and critiqued to demonstrate cooking techniques that are most appropriate to specific applications. This program is divided into four major topics: dry heat cooking with fats and oils; dry heat cooking without fats and oils; combination cooking methods and moist heat cooking methods.

Knife Safety – Superior knife skills are at the core of any chef’s success; learn proper knife selection, sharpening, sanitation and safety.

Vegetable Cuts – Learn all the classical knife cuts including Julienne, Batonnet, Dices, Brunoise and more; make your vegetables look better, cook more evenly and have greater nutrient retention.

Sanitation and SafetyWe enforce the state and local health department rules and regulations and work with all of the culinarians to further explain the correct methods.

Mise en PlaceFood preparation, station set-up, timelines and batch-cooking methods will be taught

Team BuildingCulinarians will be working on communication and team building exercises.

Gold-StandardsCulinarians will learn what each of the “Gold Standards” are for each of the cooking methods and how to taste and season their dishes for optimal taste and quality.

Plating and garnishingCulinarians will learn techniques on how to serve their dishes in a modern presentation and finished with an appropriate garnish.

Collaboration of Menu & Recipe Development

CUlinary Foundations Classroom Presentation

Chef Demonstrations

Culinary Team Production Exercises

Daily Evaluation & Critique


Culinary Principles/Foundations is our flagship training program.  This program will access and evaluate the basic skill levels of your culinary staff.  This course will also help them polish all of the information they have learned throughout their culinary careers.  This training course can be customized to a 3 or 5 day training program for 10-30 culinary staff.