Culinary FOUndations  


    Knife Care Superior knife skills are at the core of any chef’s success; learn proper knife selection, sharpening, sanitation and safety

    Fish Fabrication Discover how to select the freshest fish, store it safely, create a variety of fillets, steaks and goujonettes

    Vegetable Cuts Learn all the classical knife cuts including julienne, battonet, brunoise and more; make your vegetables look better, cook more evenly and have greater nutrient retention

    Chicken FabricationPrepare chickens “in-house,” control portion size and meet quality standards; truss an entire bird for roasting; prepare boneless chicken

    Shellfish FabricationWork with clams, oysters, scallops, crab, lobsters, shrimp and squid. 




Culinary Principles/Foundations is our flagship training program.  This program will access and evaluate the basic skill levels of your culinary staff.  This course will also help them polish all of the information they learned throughout their culinary careers.  This training course can be customized to a 3 or 5 day training program for 10 culinary staff. Below are the topics covered in this training program along with a sample class outline

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Culinary Principles/Foundations Outline