Basic Evaluation


Our program has three easy-to-follow steps.  

Step 1: Evaluation

The first step of the program is a basic evaluation. This allows us to get an initial understanding of overall skill level of the staff. We provide the test for you to take back to your staff. See how they do. If there is room for improvement, On-Site Culinary is the right choice for you.  

This program allows us to come into your kitchen during full production to assist you in determining what areas your chefs might need assistance. 

During the evaluation our chef coaches will look into the overall condition of the facility:

  • Kitchen/ equipment cleanliness
  • Walk-in refrigeration condition
  • First-In, First-Out Procedures (FIFO) 
  • Labeling and dating practices

Additionally, our chef coaches will look into the competency of your staff: 

  • Food handling practices in relation to food costs
  • Proper hand washing and glove usage
  • Addressing issues of time and temperature
  • Proper use and knowledge of kitchen equipment  
  • Appearance of food service workers
  • Various cooking skills



Step 2: Development

At the conclusion of the Comprehensive Site Evaluation, a complete report showing areas which your staff would benefit from further training will be provided.  Our chef coaches will be able to work with you to develop a training module to best meet the needs of your staff and complement their skills and talents.

Pricing (Step 1 + Step 2):

  • Call for a quote (540)818-9015
  • $1,000 rebate applied to the first training course

Step 3: Implementation

 On-Site Culinary will come into your kitchen during off-production and provide a training program tailored specifically for your kitchen and your staff. All of the training will be completed in your kitchen on your equipment, so your staff will be able to reproduce all of the principles, practices and techniques discussed during the training.

Each day will include the following:

  • 1 hour of presentations on the subject material
  • 1 hour of chef culinary demonstrations and product tasting
  • Team hands-on production exercises
  • Product displays, tastings, and photo shoot of the products prepared
  • 8 Continuing Education Hours (CEH) per day
  • Comprehensive take home packet containing
    • Workbook in color
    • All recipes, lectures, and photos of prepared products
    • Certificate from the ACF CEH's
  • Individual and group critique