Garde Manager  

Course objectives:

  • Appetizers and Hors d'Oeuvre  -- Study key elements of appetizers including their ingredients, selection, presentation and service techniques
  • Condiments --      Discover the items that enhance the flavor of any dish, the "building blocks" of a garde manager; learn basic recipes for chutneys, relish, barbecues and pickles. 
  • Salad Creation  -- Master the art of contrasting colors, flavors, textures and temperatures to make a well-composed salad
  • Pates, Galantines, Terrines and Mousses --  Develop advanced techniques that accompany many sauces and garnishes including edible centerpieces;  learn buffet preparation skills and how to smoke meats. 


Course Description:

Garde manger skills are essential in everyday cooking because the Garde Manger chef needs to be well versed in a variety of areas. They must be able to execute: seasoning, poaching, simmering, searing, roasting, frying, curing, drying, smoking, marinating, grinding, pureeing, forming, molding, piping, spreading, slicing, cutting, carving, rolling, crimping, tossing, and presenting. Many chefs have the ability to perform a few of these skills but few can perform all of them.