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In-House Training Testimonial

I was asked by our company to participate in a Culinary Certification Foundation program. This was not just that “old style certification Refresher course” on key culinary platform skills and techniques. But a hands on guidance to a “Teaching Methodology” that helped bring out (or back) the “Chef” in all of us. 

I was at first apprehensive, you might even say “Cocky” about the program, expressing that my skills-knowledge towards food creativity and techniques’ are true to our world and held with “high standards.” Why certify?.

But every day within the certification training, it brought me back to the “WHY” I choose this career path. 

To watch and be guided by Chef Jud’s hands on training each day, you could see our food becoming more and more creative, transpiring into……”Plated Art” with the “Preaching of the three common factors" within our business.

·         Eye appeal

·         Nutritional Balance

·         Taste Profile

On-site culinary solutions structured certification program pushes your Skill/Tech & knowledge to the forefront, lighting that “culinary flame” in you, and just wanting to bring that energy back to your “unit” in order to inspire your staff with the same passion.

As I returned to my unit, I noticed a change in my staff. I saw a renewed vigor towards their everyday culinary techniques, skills & presentation to detail, wanting to seek more foundational training.

Chef Jud and the OSC staff helped create a unique training program that fit our unit needs. The training program itself outweighs the cost. I saw the skill sets of our front line employees accelerate to a near certifiable level within the standards of the ACF. It gave them an outlook to a certifiable career within not only our company, but the culinary business..

Thanks Chef and On Site Culinary Solutions. We will be awaiting your next training program.

Executive Chef Kenneth Acosta

Campus Services Sodexo

Chef Testimonial

First of all, I would like to say thank you for the training I have already received from your very informational step 1 Course from On-Site Culinary Solutions.  I know there have been some concerns regarding the quality of Sodexo Executive Chefs in our company, and I am convinced that using CEC training from On Site Culinary Solutions will help overcome those challenges. Learning how to use the program effectively will go a long way toward improving the productivity in my department, and I appreciate that you have provided me with the opportunity to do just that.  I look forward to applying what I learned from attending the CEC training to my everyday tasks as Executive Chef at Illinois Wesleyan University. I am also greatly looking forward to passing on what I learned to others in my department to master the program as well. I believe that my passion for cooking and my quest for culinary excellence that this course would be critical stepping stone for my career as a chef. I look forward to all the hard work that comes in my near future.


Chef Mark Tylk

Chef Testimonial

This was an amazing educational experience that we should consider implementing into our region. I feel that every Chef should participate at whatever certification level that they are comfortable with.
I, unfortunately, did not pass my Certified Executive Chef practical. However, I learned a great deal about how to organize my time, contemporary plating design, cooking techniques and procedures. I also learned my weaknesses and what I need to know to grow and be successful. I am proud to say that I accepted the challenge and gave it 100%. I will be taking the exam again and I expect to improve my score and I will pass.
I can honestly tell you that a Chef that wants to take a practical exam, should go through this program. The process that is taught is invaluable when it comes to being successful at any certification level.
I hope this is an evolving trend in our region. After all, if our chefs are successful, then our culinary staff will be successful. And, that leads to happy clients and customers!


Thank you again,

Nathan Rebman
Resident Dining Chef, Western Illinois University

University of Iowa

May 24th:              

Barry Greenberg, CEC

Executive Chef-University of Iowa



      "I wasn’t convinced that bringing in a culinary trainer from the outside was something that we would benefit from.  My chefs and I have been designing and conducting training programs for our staff for the past few years which had been successful.  We had seen positive results from spending time with our staff in training mode.  But, after looking forward to a very busy start to the upcoming academic year and overwhelming support from administration, I began to realize how convenient it would be to have On-Site come to campus."


I began talking with Chef Flynn, and after a few telephone conversations, we decided on the curriculum he would teach.  The Culinary Principles module was a perfect balance of new material for our newer cooks, and review for our more seasoned veterans.  The Chef was patient and took as much time as necessary during class lectures and demonstrations where he emphasized the importance of understanding and perfecting the five basic cooking procedures.  He provided thoughtful answers to all the questions he received and gave the class the confidence to really believe in themselves as culinary professionals.

My chefs that were helping facilitate the program and myself were all impressed with the enthusiasm of our culinary team.  The food they were producing, and the teamwork they showed in the kitchen was just what we had wanted to see.  We are looking forward to investing in their education in the future as we look to continue our training opportunities with On-Site and Chef Flynn.


University of Northern Iowa

February 15th

Lisa Krausman -- Purchasing Manager/ Administrative Dietician

“Those who attended the training really enjoyed working with Chef Jud and Chef Elana. They were personable, knowledgeable and flexible to work with.” 





Ohio State University

February 15th

Mark A. Newton, C.C.C. Executive Chef


“On-Site Culinary created the perfect solution to my training needs.  The real life experiences of the culinary trainers are thorough, dynamic and applicable to any style of restaurant or foodservice.  Working with the On-Site team to create custom modules based not only on the needs and expectations of the executive chef, but also the culinary teams from each of our work units was an incredible experience. The return on investment has been immeasurable in terms of team morale and end product”.

I am looking forward to our training we have scheduled this summer." 


Other past clients include...

Other colleges: The University of Michigan, Northwestern University, St. Mary's College, Concordia University, Illinois Wesleyan University, St. Francis University, Lewis University, Indiana University, Syracuse University, Cornell University, NC State University, Iowa State University, University of California San Diego.

Other businesses: Pentagon, the US Navy, and Turning Stone Casino

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