University of Iowa

May 24th:              

Barry Greenberg, CEC

Executive Chef-University of Iowa



      "I wasn’t convinced that bringing in a culinary trainer from the outside was something that we would benefit from.  My chefs and I have been designing and conducting training programs for our staff for the past few years which had been successful.  We had seen positive results from spending time with our staff in training mode.  But, after looking forward to a very busy start to the upcoming academic year and overwhelming support from administration, I began to realize how convenient it would be to have On-Site come to campus."


I began talking with Chef Flynn, and after a few telephone conversations, we decided on the curriculum he would teach.  The Culinary Principles module was a perfect balance of new material for our newer cooks, and review for our more seasoned veterans.  The Chef was patient and took as much time as necessary during class lectures and demonstrations where he emphasized the importance of understanding and perfecting the five basic cooking procedures.  He provided thoughtful answers to all the questions he received and gave the class the confidence to really believe in themselves as culinary professionals.

My chefs that were helping facilitate the program and myself were all impressed with the enthusiasm of our culinary team.  The food they were producing, and the teamwork they showed in the kitchen was just what we had wanted to see.  We are looking forward to investing in their education in the future as we look to continue our training opportunities with On-Site and Chef Flynn.