Chef Testimonial

This was an amazing educational experience that we should consider implementing into our region. I feel that every Chef should participate at whatever certification level that they are comfortable with.
I, unfortunately, did not pass my Certified Executive Chef practical. However, I learned a great deal about how to organize my time, contemporary plating design, cooking techniques and procedures. I also learned my weaknesses and what I need to know to grow and be successful. I am proud to say that I accepted the challenge and gave it 100%. I will be taking the exam again and I expect to improve my score and I will pass.
I can honestly tell you that a Chef that wants to take a practical exam, should go through this program. The process that is taught is invaluable when it comes to being successful at any certification level.
I hope this is an evolving trend in our region. After all, if our chefs are successful, then our culinary staff will be successful. And, that leads to happy clients and customers!


Thank you again,

Nathan Rebman
Resident Dining Chef, Western Illinois University