In-House Training Testimonial

I was asked by our company to participate in a Culinary Certification Foundation program. This was not just that “old style certification Refresher course” on key culinary platform skills and techniques. But a hands on guidance to a “Teaching Methodology” that helped bring out (or back) the “Chef” in all of us. 

I was at first apprehensive, you might even say “Cocky” about the program, expressing that my skills-knowledge towards food creativity and techniques’ are true to our world and held with “high standards.” Why certify?.

But every day within the certification training, it brought me back to the “WHY” I choose this career path. 

To watch and be guided by Chef Jud’s hands on training each day, you could see our food becoming more and more creative, transpiring into……”Plated Art” with the “Preaching of the three common factors" within our business.

·         Eye appeal

·         Nutritional Balance

·         Taste Profile

On-site culinary solutions structured certification program pushes your Skill/Tech & knowledge to the forefront, lighting that “culinary flame” in you, and just wanting to bring that energy back to your “unit” in order to inspire your staff with the same passion.

As I returned to my unit, I noticed a change in my staff. I saw a renewed vigor towards their everyday culinary techniques, skills & presentation to detail, wanting to seek more foundational training.

Chef Jud and the OSC staff helped create a unique training program that fit our unit needs. The training program itself outweighs the cost. I saw the skill sets of our front line employees accelerate to a near certifiable level within the standards of the ACF. It gave them an outlook to a certifiable career within not only our company, but the culinary business..

Thanks Chef and On Site Culinary Solutions. We will be awaiting your next training program.

Executive Chef Kenneth Acosta

Campus Services Sodexo