Chef Jud Flynn, CEC, National ACF Judge 


Chef Jud Flynn is the CEO of On-Site Culinary Solutions LLC, where the training comes to you and your facility.  Chef Flynn’s approach to teaching is using the coaching technique where his chef coaches are able to interact with each chef on an individual basis.  This one-on-one interaction allows them to not only get to know each chef but also observe their skills in action.  If a certain area needs correction it is done on the spot with the chef coaches able to demonstrate the correct technique. The chefs are then able to practice the technique multiple times during the hands-on-production allowing the new technique to become a new habit for the cook. The chef coaches are able to walk around to the different work spaces multiple times to observe each cook during each stage of the cooking process.

To Contact Chef Jud and On-Site Culinary:

On-Site Culinary Solutions LLC
2090 Brooksfield Rd.

Blacksburg, VA 24060