DOES THIS SOUND FAMILIAR?There’s never enough time to train our staff!

We often wait for breaks in the academic year only to find other projects with a higher priority. We are left starting another school year without training our most valuable asset “OUR STAFF”!

Now you can train your employees all year round with OUR

new “Progressive FoodService Training Tracker”.


Introducing our: Progressive FoodService Training Tracker

On-Site Culinary Solutions Progressive Foodservice Training Tracker Program begins with an on-site culinary evaluation of the production methods, menu offerings, staff capabilities, and the culinary leadership at each dining unit. Next we identify the future “Trainers” which must possess the highest level of culinary experience, skills and methodology in each of our Professional Practices for Kitchen Essentials I & II. Our training program is the first one designed to be implemented all semester long while the staff are in full production.

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-A lack of training causes even the best employees to disengage.
-The real cost of not training results in increased costs, lost revenue and dissatisfied customers.
-Successful operators understand the value of investing in their people.

To view an investment in employee training as an unnecessary expense is to completely miss the mark. Irrespective of the costs, you’re actually making an investment in the long-term prosperity of your entire business.


Top 8 Benefits of Employee Training


Here is an example of what most University On-boarding training programs look like.

  • This module just doesn’t finish the job when it comes to preparing the New Hires for the culinary production that they will be doing when they reach their new position.


Here’s On-Site Culinary Solution’s answer to On-boarding new staff.

  • Kitchen Essentials I Professional Training Module: Is the first step for On-Boarding New Staff and properly educating those team members who have not been previously exposed to the fundamentals of college and university dining services. It prepares them for the culinary production that they will be doing when they reach their new position.

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Here’s how we keep building upon the foundation that has been created.

  • Kitchen Essentials (II) Professional Training Module: This step is building upon the fundamentals from Essentials I and creating the ability to cross train staff and move in a forward learning process. It is a great refresher course for those who may have been out of the industry for an extended period of time, re-educating your culinary staff and leadership team.


Tracking all of your employees training progress is one of the most crucial areas for verifying and maintaining a perpetual training program that will be long lasting and will “Stick”.

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