Soups, Stocks, and Sauces 


Throughout this course each student will be instructed in the following culinary techniques:

  • Consommé -- developing flavor by balancing aromatics, meats and acids; identifying the roles of each key ingredient 
  •  Stocks: White, Brown and Fish  -- creating stocks from chicken, veal, fish and vegetables 
  •  Tomato Sauce  -- allows for countless variations and flavor profiles
  •  White Sauce  -- most widely used in soups and gravies; creating mornay sauce, veloute and béchamel
  •  Brown Sauce  -- learning techniques for roasting bones, creating espagnole, demi glace and pan gravy. 
  •  Hollandaise Sauce  -- versatile sauce able to complement every course of the meal from appetizers to desserts





This course will provide the student with the a base of knowledge for creating the flavorful soups, stocks and sauces. This is arguably, the greatest test of a chef's culinary skills.