Train the Trainer

There’s never enough time to train your staff. Between summer projects, Staff vacations, and limited staff taking the driver seat for the Summer close down period. We are left Starting another Year without training our most important asset “Our Staff”!


OSC has created a “Train The Trainer Program” that assesses your culinary production requirements and develops an immediate training program in only one day.

Chef Jud Flynn CEC uses the production training development program to train the kitchen supervisors on how to conduct the full training program for new hires and existing staff members throughout the semester.

Lastly the operation is left with an immediate and long lasting training program that can be built upon for future training.


Chef Jud Fynn CEC is working with the kitchen supervisors on how to use the “Train the Trainer Program”, and how to adapt it for future training.


Chef Jud Flynn CEC is working with another Executive Chef on Up-Scale plating techniques that can be taught to his staff.

Call or email Chef Jud Flynn CEC to discuss your operational needs;

(540) 818-9015